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ProNara is an association of conservationists with
5,000 acres in Costa Rica's Cerro Nara Zona Protectora
ProNara is an association of conservationists who own about 5,000 acres in the Cerro Nara Zona Protectora in Costa Rica. The zone has a total of about 10,000 acres. Our goals are to protect the land from poachers, loggers, and hunters and to keep it as a natural, primary rainforest preserve, maintaining plant and animal bio-diversity into perpetuity. We are growing indigenous hardwood and fruit trees in nurseries. These are planted under the canopy in Cerro Nara.
The Costa Rican government gives us absolutely NO help or support while they enjoy pointing out to the world on a map that Cerro Nara is a "protected zone." We could use financial support in the form of a grant, or at least a visit to our area from people who are sympathetic and concerned. Student or other environmental groups can stay at the Finca Cerro Nara Lodge for a discounted price if they can help do nursery work, plant, or improve the area in some way.
Everyone is talking about being GREEN while doing nothing about it. Here is your chance to something positive for the world environment, while enjoying a unique, beautiful rainforest experience!
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